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CMM Choir CMM Choir

CMM Choir was formed by Phil Parkin in 1995 to present Roger Jones' musicals in and around Birmingham. The Choir is an ecumenical group made up of members of churches from all over the West Midlands and has approximately eighty members, meeting in two groups (see below).

Annie Routley

Phil Parkin retired from CMM in December 2005 and his baton was taken up by Penny King (some will know her as Penny Wheble) for 3 years. Early in 2010, the choir appointed CMM´s Annie Routley as their Musical Director. Annie has worked alongside Roger Jones at Christian Music Ministries since 1994, and is responsible for typesetting and editing all of Roger's musicals and collections. "I am delighted to be conducting CMM Choir. The commitment and fellowship within the choir is second-to-none, and it is a real joy to look out over a sea of eager faces and know that everyone in the choir wants to share their faith in Christ through singing Roger's musicals."

CMM´s East Birmingham section of the choir meets on Tuesday evenings at Christ Church, Burney Lane, Ward End, B8 2NS from 1945 until 2130. There is also a smaller West Birmingham group meeting on Monday evenings at Harborne Baptist Church B17 ODH, also from 1945–2100, under the direction of Sylvia Whalley.

Sylvia Whalley

You are welcome to join CMM Choir – it is not necessary to audition, except for solo roles. Music reading is an advantage, but if you do not read music you are still welcome. For more details contact or Alternatively, visit the CMM Choir Facebook page

In recent years the CMM Choir has performed the Torn Curtain, Two Sisters and a Funeral, While Shepherds Watched and Saints Alive, as well as supported CMM events such as evenings with Devon Brown and Alison Fuggle

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