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Tim Jones

Tim Jones

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Tim is Head of Sales at CMM, and deals with online orders and the Christian book trade. He also arranges songs for new musicals, and has produced two backing tracks albums, Born in the Night (Christmas carols and songs) and See, what a Morning (Easter songs and hymns). Another one based on the Holy Spirit/ministry is in the works.

Emma is enjoying teaching at St Francis Primary School in Bournville. She also co-leads the youth house group at church.

Michael is thriving at school, and passed grade 3 piano in 2012. He has been playing guitar for 2 years, and has now easily surpassed his Dad in terms of technical ability! Michael is excelling at his gymnastics, and regularly takes part in competitions where he consistently gets some of the top marks for individual and team performance. The medal collection gets ever bigger.

Bethany is consistently top of her class at school in most subjects. She passed grade 1 piano in 2012, and is making excellent progress with her violin. She is determined to overtake Mum one day! Bethany is continuing to progress with her ballet, having passed 2 exams and taken part in 2 full scale dance productions with her ballet school.

All the family have settled in to Bromsgrove Baptist Church. Tim regularly plays drums and keyboard in the worship band, and Emma plays violin. Michael is now playing guitar in the band several times a month. Bethany hopes to play violin for services soon, and occasionally fills in on drums when Dad is on keyboard!

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