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CMM Connections

Bible Sprout: http://www.biblesprout.com/

bibleverses.com: http://www.bibleverses.com/

Christ Church, Ward End: http://www.ccbl.org.uk/

CJM: http://www.cjmmusic.com/

Christian Guild: http://www.christianguild.co.uk/
Christian Guild is a chain of 5 hotels who regularly host CMM music weeks

The Christian Holidays People: http://www.christianholidays.co.uk/
A chain of hotels springing from the Christian Endeavour movement

Christian Prayer Ministries: http://www.cpm-uk.org/

Derby CMM Choir: http://www.derbychoir.com/

Ellel Ministries: http://www.ellel.org/uk/

Evangelical Alliance: http://www.eauk.org/
CMM is a member of the Evangelical Alliance

Gloucester and District Christian Choir: http://www.gloucesterchoir.org.uk/

Harnhill: http://www.harnhillcentre.org.uk/

Jonathan Viera: http://www.jonathanveira.co.uk/

Lee Abbey: http://www.leeabbey.org.uk/
A wonderful community, and the beautiful venue for our summer music week

Lickey Church: http://lickeychurch.com/

Marilyn Baker: http://www.mbm-ministries.org/

Michael Card: http://www.michaelcard.com/

MWF: Music & Worship Foundation: http://www.mwf.org.uk/
"The Music & Worship foundation seeks to provide a high standard of training and support for people of all denominations, covering a breadth of musical expression in order to equip church musicians to serve today´s worshipping communities more effectively"

New Wine: http://www.new-wine.org/

Scargill Movement: http://www.scargillmovement.org/
Near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales, Scargill is a community host for regular CMM weeks

Spring Harvest: http://www.springharvest.org/

St Paul´s Weston: http://www.stpauls-weston.org.uk/

travelling light: http://www.travelling-light.org.uk/
A non–denominational Christian ministry based in the Wye Valley in Herefordshire. The retreat days offered provide an opportunity for you to spend a day away from your normal routine. They are a time to slow down, find space, and reflect on where you are in life – a chance to step back and take stock. Roger and Mary are on the Council of Reference.

Refreshment: http://www.refreshment.org.uk/

RSCM: The Royal School of Church Music: http://www.rscm.com/

Wholeness Through Christ: http://www.wholenessthroughchrist.org/

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