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Helen Pollard

Helen Pollard

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Helen first became involved in CMM when she took the role of Anna, Stephen´s daughter in the musical Wildfire. She has since played flute and trumpet in Jail Break, and played the roles of Mary in The Inn Crowd and Susannah in Rock.

As Helen´s parents are Methodist clergy, she does not have a home town as such, but much of her school years were spent in Leicester, where she was privileged to be part of the Leicester Arts system of choirs, orchestras and bands. She still sings in one of the choirs, the Chanterelles. Though unable to pursue music academically, music has remained a large part of Helen´s life, and she is gradually acquiring more and more instruments!

After completing a Theology degree at the University of Birmingham, Helen spent a gap year working for CMM, taking on aspects of (now retired) Phil Parkin´s administrative role. This developed into a part–time and then full–time job, organising courses and events, working on graphic design and keeping CMM´s presence in social media up to date.

Helen is also a local preacher in the Methodist Church, and incorporates her preaching into CMM´s ministry, speaking at music weeks, and leading bible studies for the CMM choir. Helen has also completed several choral conducting courses with Sing for Pleasure, and loves training choirs and working with singers.

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