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Why do a musical?

Musicals bring people together with a common aim. They promote co-operation, team work, fellowship and creativity. The pleasure of making music together builds community and promotes wellbeing for those taking part.

The benefits of school and community choirs have been highlighted in recent years on television under the baton of Gareth Malone. The musicals of Roger Jones explore biblical stories and characters and can be used to develop pupils’ understanding in RE, music and drama.

The 22 musicals of Roger Jones are designed to be adaptable for whatever resources are available locally; musicals may be performed as simple cantatas with a narrator and backing-track, right up to fully staged productions with costumes, drama, lighting, soloists, choir and full orchestra.

The following resources are available for each musical: vocal score, CD, backing tracks CD and Xtras download (words and large print words; orchestral parts by Annie Routley, full score and notes for conductor; drama (where appropriate); Bible studies; audience programme). For many of the musicals we can also provide part-learning CDs (alto, tenor, bass, and in some cases soprano).

Advice on choosing a musical

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